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Watch Udaariyaan 23rd June 2021: Fateh Wins The Match Written Episode Update


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we will watch Fateh says to Jasmin can leave our relationship and it doesn’t matter to him at all. Fateh says she only wants to go to Canada. Tejo says it would be fine for you if it isn’t bothering you. But Fateh again says you should have re-concerned before suggesting Khusbeer about the interview. Khusbeer and Tejo both get shocked a little hearing Fateh’s words. Amrik along with Buzo come to Fateh and wishes him luck. The boxing match organizer announced a winning reward of 50 Lakhs.

Watch Udaariyaan 23rd June 2021: Fateh Wins The Match Written Episode Update

Later, on Fateh goes in the ring to compete. Tejo is worrying about her decision of sending Fateh for the match. Khusbeer consoles Tejo and asks her don’t get bothered. Khusbeer encourages her and says he knows about his son. He will win this fight for sure. But just then Fateh falls in the rings due to heavy attacks by the opponent. Tejo gets tensed seeing this and recalls Fateh’s words. While calling Preeto Jasmin turns the TV on and sees Fateh’s match. She sees Fateh is getting defeated by the opponent.


Fateh again falls down but doesn’t manage to counter the attack. Jasmin informs Preeto about Fateh is losing in the match. Preeto asks her if she is still worried about him. Jasmin says that it isn’t disturbing her at all. She says that she is running out of time. But whole seeing Fateh is getting beaten badly, Jasmin starts sobbing. The news channel anchor saying that Fateh seems losing this match. Tejo asks to stop the fight as Fateh is wounded. Just Fateh sees Tejo and gives her a smile.

But Fateh stands again and says that he will continue the fight. Nimmo calls Gurpreet and says things aren’t going right. Gurpreet sobs while Tejo encourages Fateh and says knocked out his opponent and comes out. Mami says Fateh isn’t focused on the match. Jasmin thinks that he is hurting himself just because of her. Tejo also brings out Jasmin’s pic and shows it to Fateh and says just because of her you are hurting yourself.

She further says that you are merging your personal and professional life and sacrificing your goal for your love. Tejo continues to say you are a sportsman and supposed to make your country proud. Tejo says you are torturing your family. Tejo suggests venting out your anger on your opponent. Fateh gets boosted by Tejo’s words and counter all the attack of his opponent and knock him down. Tejo takes a sigh of relief while all the family members get elated. The episode ends, get more Udaariyaan written update with Social Telecast.


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