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Watch Udaariyaan 7th July 2021 Written Episode: Jasmin Lying To Everyone


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we have watched that Gippy asks Jasmin if Tejo is fine, Jasmin apologise to Fateh and asks if you are fine. She says that she got distracted, I wasn’t at fault. Tejo asks Fateh if he is alright, Jasmin also apologises to Tejo. Jasmin says it just happened by mistake. Tejo asks Jasmin if you are saying the truth, Jasmin says if you think that much worse for me. Tejo says she needs to have some words along with you. Tejo takes Fateh aside, and Jasmin asks to tell her what she wants to talk about. But Tejp understands that she is faking again and they both leave.


Tejo comes home and asks for Jasmin. Satti tells her that she goes to meet Gippy. Jasmin there calls Dilraj and asks if Tejo comes there. Dilraj replies that she will leave within a while, Jasmin asks him to inform her when she leaves. Tejo goes to Bebe and takes her blessings, Bebe asks of her and her family well-being. Bebe says it seems that your relationship with Fateh is getting better, they both laughs. Just then Rupy comes and hugs Tejo.

Rupy says that he gets extremely happy whenever he sees you smiling. Rupy asks if Fateh is getting well along with her and considered her as his wife. Tejo leaves from there and Jasmin calls him after getting informed by Dilraj. She pleads to Tejo to come her soon. Tejo gets tensed for Jasmin and asks the Driver to head up to the highway. Tejo reaches there and Jasmin takes her to the cafe and ordered coffee. Just then Fateh calls Tejo, she tells him that there is some emergency she will be home soon. Fateh asks if she needs him, but Tejo says she will handle it. At the same time waiter comes with the order and Fateh hears that.

Khusbeer there asks Amrik to join the academy along with Fateh and assist him. Amrik says she won’t go there as Tejo is already with Fateh and he can’t get fit with Tejo. Fateh tells him if he can’t respect Tejo then no need to come to the academy. Tejo there drops Jasmin home, she wipes her tears put on makeup and enters home with a happy face. Satti doubts did you really go to meet Gippy, but Jasmin argues with Satti. Mami asks her to call Gippy, Jasmin worries and the episode ends with this. Never miss Udaariyaan written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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