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Watch Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 19th June 2021: Fateh Cancels His Match


The latest episode of Udaariyaan started along with Jasmin is heading to its maternal uncle’s house. While going she continuously pondering about Fateh. Her aunty comes and asks her to control herself and stay calm. Mama offers her water and asks about her well-being. Jasmin replies that she is alright and start unpacking her bag. Mami asks if she likes to eat something that asks what are you thinking about your future. Her mama suggests her not taking any stress and she can stay as long as she wants. But Mami says her to stay accordingly with good behaviour we don’t want to bow down in front of anyone.

Watch Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 19th June 2021: Fateh Cancels His Match

Jasmin says that is planning to shift to Canada. Tejo there comes into her room and Fateh says for the first time he spoke to her mother harshly just because of you. He further says I stopped you from cleaning the house, but you didn’t listen. Nimmo noticed that Gurpreet is mad at Tejo and she comes to provoke her. She says boys forget their mother once they get wives. She says Atejo has bewitched Fateh for sure. Fateh is also arguing with Tejo because of what all happened.

Later Fateh comes to Gurpreet and asks for a file, Gurpreet angrily says you better ask Tejo for anything. Fateh goes to Tejo and asks for the file. But Tejo also doesn’t know about the file. He asks why are you behaving weird, she says I don’t know about any file. Fateh asks Tejo to learn how to handle things and asks her to get that file by tomorrow and leaves. Tejo noticed Gurpreet. Jasmin, there is sitting in his Mamaji’s house and talking to his Mama.

Jasmin says that she comes here to take revenge, he will make Fateh regret his decision. She will marry an NRI and will go to¬† Canada permanently. Satti says it will be far better than sticking to your old life. Rupy says if she knows such a profile. Mami suggests Gippy’s name, Jasmin says she is going to meet him tomorrow. They all get to agree with Jasmin to make everything back to normal.

While Fateh is withdrawing his name from the match. Khusbeer is taken back, while Tejo looks at Fateh, but Fateh’s father in an interview he announced that his son will fight and win the match. Fateh gets disappointed and thinks Tejo must suggest this to Khusbeer. The episode ends with this, get all the further Udaariyaan Written Episode.


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