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Watch Video Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse Video Goes Viral, CCTV Footage Revealed Full Incident


Once again, a quite horrific and disturbing video is getting circulated on social networking sites and making uncounted souls shaken, as no one had even imagined that during the festive season their faces will again collide with such an incident. Yes, you heard right, recently a video from Gujarat’s Morbi Bridge came out which left innumerable in a deep shock. As the British-Era bridge has been collapsed when more than 150 people were passing the way, and all of them fell down into the water. Because of this approx 140 have lost their lives and many got injured.

Watch Video Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse Video Goes Viral CCTV Footage Revealed

As per the exclusive reports or sources, more than 140 people have lost their precious lives and multiple got fatally injured as their bodies are going through severe scratched of bridge material. Hence, initially, they are being treated by the medical team as they had rescued by the police and later, transported to the medical center. In the shocking video, everything is clearly appearing how they are jumping off the bridge to save their lives but unfortunately, the circumstances got overturned when it continuously collapsed while falling into the water, as the entire cables had broken to such an extent.

Watch Video Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse Video

The shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing the people jumping and running on it, as the cable bridge was swaying vigorously before it crashed down. As soon as the screaming sounds crossed the area and others ones came to know about the tragedy, they informed the rescue force who came and commenced the rescue operation while bringing the victims out of the river.

But after doing plenty of things they did not save those 140 people who lost their lives, even though the entire area has been seized by them so that no one could come near as it could be dangerous for everyone.


Prior to this, another shocking video of the bridge had emerged where a few boys were appearing to kick the cables with full intensity and making the bridge shaken, and they could be the prime reason behind the tragedy as they made the cables lose and therefore, uncounted are requesting the authorities to take the actions against those whose involvement is standing behind all these.

On Twitter, many videos are coming to the fore on #Morbi, so of you want to get the intensity of the crime so you can also visit there. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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