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Watch Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Complete Episode 13th Nov 2021: Preesha & Gopal Get Exposed


The 13th November 2021 episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein begins where Gopal keeps on making Preesha understand the mental health condition of Venky. He mentions that Venkatesh also tried to commit suicide when he was kept on accused by the neighbors, and since then his mental condition is gotten worst. Even Vasu’s health was getting affected as her son was trying to end his life due to which, he has to take this strict decision. Preesha breaks down in tears while hearing this and wonders that how much pain they tolerated alone, meanwhile, Gopal consoles her and asks her to not tell, anyone.

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At the same time, Gopal mentions that Venky is saved by god’s grace, and with help of Dr. Iyer and his treatment is going on for 10 years, so that, one day he will recover. Meantime, she asks him that how he met Venkatesh because as far as she has concerned he never talked about him in the last 10 years. Gopal reveals that he used to make an excuse that he hs to go on an official trip. Then Preesha makes him acquainted that Amma has seen him with Dr. Radha, so if she asks him about Venky then what will happen.

Then Gopal reveals everything that Subbu is helping him for a long in this matter, so therefore he does not care enough about him. But spontaneously she asks if Vasu asks him about anything so what he will answer because as far as she has concerned she needs to make herself acquainted with everything especially for those things, which are related to her son. Another side, Vasu waits for Pressha as she made a call to her and asks her to meet as soon as she can, but hitherto she did not take place.

After a while, Vasu decides to meet her personally in the hospital and asks the receptionist about Dr. Radha, she shows her Dr. Radha’s room. Preesha makes her call and asks about the location because she needs to talk to her urgently. Meanwhile, Radha informs her that she is in the clinic of Dr. Radha so please come fast, she gets shocked to hear and asks Gopal what to do now, Because she has reached the same spot where Vankatesh’s treatment is going on. Then they rush towards her so that, their secret could remain ahead, so do not miss watching it on Star Plus at 10:30 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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