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Wayne Hawkins, Original Raider Cause of Death What Happened With Him? Dies at 84


One of the original members of the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders, Wayne Hawkins, sadly died at 84. He was a five-time AFL All-Star. Wayne’s death news has saddened many. Tributary posts and condolence messages have flooded the internet. His fans and well-wishers are coming forward and are paying him heartfelt tributes and respects. Besides, netizens also seem to be searching for Wayne Hawkins’ cause of death too. Here, in this article, let us check what happened to Hawkins and how did he die along with some information about him.

Wayne Hawkins

Apart from the information that Wayne Hawkins died at 84, not much information surfacing his death is available at this moment. It is believed that he must have passed away due to natural causes. As he was in his late 80s, Wayne must be facing some health complications. However, it is not confirmed as of now as no official confirmation regarding the same has come to the front yet. Tributes and RIP messages have flooded the internet as fans are coming forward and expressing their sadness about his demise on their respective social media accounts.

Who Was Wayne Hawkins?

Born on June 17, 1938, in Jordan, Hawkins went to Redding High School in Shasta County, California. He played collegiate football at the University of the Pacific. In the 1960 American Football League draught, the Denver Broncos reportedly selected Hawkins. After that, Wayne went on to become one of the 20 players to play in the AFL for the entire 10-year league’s existence. He was a tough player who appeared in a total of 136 games for the Raiders over the course of ten seasons. According to his wife, he had suffered an estimated 20 concussions. Reports state that he struck his head against the goal post during a game but still did not stop playing.

It was the next day when the team found out that Wayne broke his jaw. Talking about the 20 players who participated in all 10 AFL seasons, includes Tom Flores, Jim Otto, Wayne Hawkins, and many more. They all were teammates with the Raiders. He was dubbed the most unsung and unappreciated of the Oakland Raiders who helped turn the organization into a pro football power during the 1960s by Sports Illustrated in 2021. His sudden death has affected many hearts as people are taking to social media to pay him tributes and condolence messages. We also pay homage to his soul. Follow for more updates.


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