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Wentworth Season 8 Netflix Released Now Check Reviews


Australian television drama program is all set to fly high once again with its 8th season, we are talking about one of the most loved shows called Wentworth. after the 7th season now the makers are looking forward towards the eighth season, and here you will get to know about the upcoming arrival such as what will be the storyline and who will be the star cast. But for that, all you have to do that is stick around.

Wentworth Season 8

If we talk about the show Wentworth so the first season was telecasted in 2013 and after that all the season have premiered on the original network of Fox Showcase. If we talk about the upcoming season so we would like to tell you that the season has premiered in the month of July. Now it all sets to take off on the OTT platform of Netflix.


What Is The Story Line?

Here you will get to know about the story along with the characters so If we talk about the storyline so in the 8th season you will experience a new kind of concept that will make you feel over the moon because in this you will see Ann’s attacking while Allie’s position as Top Dog is put to the test. Reb made a request for a top surgery that is granted and he is required to undergo therapy. You will see something that revokes a painful memory, forcing him to lash out at Greg who is worried that he has destroyed his change. The other character Lou promises to “fix” things and also forces Joan to poison Greg. Joan begins to have hallucinations of young girls and decides to withdraw from her therapy sessions fearing that she will remember with whom she was once.

Who Is The Star Cast?

As you all know that in this you will watch an amazing star cast and the list includes Leah Purcell, Kate Jenkinson, Katrina Milosevic, Robbie J Magasiva, Bernard Curry, Rarriwuy Hick, Susie Porter, Kate Box, Jane Hall, Zoe Terakes, and Vivienne Awosoga and others.

Now when the movie has released now the news is coming that it will be available on the over-the-top platform of Netflix soon. As we bent on giving you information about the upcoming news of the entertainment world this is one of them so stay tuned to know all the latest updates of the world till then stay safe and stay tuned…


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