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West Houston Convenience Store Gunman Shoots Clerk in Face Video CCTV Footage Robbery


We are reporting a piece of news where a man equipped with a gun reportedly shot a clerk straight in his face and hands. The gunman didn’t stop here as he jumped over the counter and started to beat him. Well, as one can imagine, the culprit did all of this to rob the money which was in the store’s register. However, the armed suspect couldn’t get the money as he couldn’t figure out how to access the cash drawer. As a result, he fled away from the scene empty-handed. Now, the video of the incident has gone viral.

West Houston Convenience Store Gunman Shoots

According to the Houston Police Department, the armed suspect shot the clerk at the Houston convenience store which resulted in him getting injuries. The most shocking part of the entire incident was that the culprit shot the clerk right in the face and his hands too. Now, the security CCTV footage has been recovered from the store that has recorded the brutal attack in detail. The video features the suspect entering the convenience store around 9:30 PM. The store is located in the 8600 block of Memorial Drive. The video further shows the suspect walking up to the counter.

After walking up to the counter, the armed man does not say any word to him and just shoots in his face as he pulls out his gun. Later, he slides over the counter and while doing so the suspect shoots the clerk again in his hands. It is seen that the culprit is trying to go behind the counter so that he can easily steal the money he has come there to. Once he reaches behind the counter, he beats the clerk again as he attempts to access the cash register and fails in it repetitively. When the suspect realizes that he won’t be able to open the cash register, he empty-handed leaves the store.

It is being reported that the suspect fled the scene in the latest model black-coloured Mercedes Benz. Apart from this, it also came forward that while the suspect was attempting to open the register containing cash, the clerk ran outside and asked for help. According to the police, the clerk who was brutally shot was taken to the hospital and seems to be in a critical condition. However, it is assumed that he would survive in some days. Besides, the police are trying to find the suspect with the help of viral CCTV footage.


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