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What happened at Desert Ridge Market Numerous People Contacted 911


Shoppers at Desert Ridge Marketplace in north Phoenix experienced some frightening moments on Wednesday when it was placed on lockdown due to worries of a potential shooting. According to police, numerous people contacted 911 claiming there had been a gunshot at the mall close to Tatum Boulevard and the Loop 101 Pima Freeway at 6 o’clock. When the police arrived, they discovered it wasn’t even shooting, according to the police. Due to this, everyone got stressed about the possibility of a shootout. Even though all the arrangements were made, residents were still baffled. Check further details here.

Desert Ridge market

According to investigators, a large group of teens got into a verbal altercation before one of them brought out a strange object that made a loud noise and produced white smoke. Phoenix Police Sgt. Philip Krynsky wrote in an email, “There is no victim or evidence to indicate a firearm was discharged.” While police investigated, the mall was momentarily placed on lockdown. Around 6:45 PM, shoppers were seen wandering the mall.

For many at the mall, even though the gunshot alert turned out to be false, it was frightening because they had no idea what was going on. When the hubbub began, Sam Marteney was working at one of the stores when she heard the bang. To flee the scene, “everyone ran in various directions,” she recalled. Marteney reported seeing a parent dash inside the store after picking up their two children.

The woman shut the door. “I wanted to make sure everyone was safe, especially the kids, since no parent ever wants to witness someone have to pick up their kids in each of their arms and go inside a store to get to safety. Although nothing really happened, people around the area were frightened as they worried about what could have occurred.

Well, it is no doubt to state that the people got so scared because plenty of horrifying shootouts have happened in the past that has shaken everyone to the core. It is only right to take these kinds of incidents seriously as no one really knows what can take place at any moment. However, the good thing is that the gunshot alert was nothing but a fake alarm, and everyone was declared safe and no one got injured or anything like that. Not much information about the same is available on the internet now. For more updates, keep following our site. Stay tuned with us!


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