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What happened to Chris Smith’s baby mama Petara Cordero? Ex-Partner killed in road accident


Here we are going to share some shocking news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. The famous footballer Chris Smith’s girlfriend Petara Cordeo has passed away in 2019. This was extremely bad news. All the people want her death cause. She was also the mother of a football player. Chris Smith passed away recently on 17th April 2023. All the very curious to know about Petara Cordero’s death. What was the reason behind her death? What happened with Petara Cordero? We have to share all the information about his death. Scroll up to read more information.

Petara Cordeo is born on 1933. She was an American Celebrity and Social Influencer also. She lived in Charlotte, North California, United State of America. She was known by the famous footballer Chris Smith. She was a very talented lady. She lived with her mother, father, and 5 siblings. She was very intelligent in her studies. She completed her graduation from South Carolina College. She is a native of Afro-American descent. She was a very hardworking lady. She was very kind in nature. Their family loves her a lot. Their family feels very proud of her.

Chris Smith and Petara Cordero love each other. All peoples love their relationships. When she completed his graduation then she meet with Chris Smith. She was known by the famous footballer Chris Smith. They are loyal to each other. They have both been dating for a long time. She decided to give birth to a baby. They both are blessed with a baby girl. They shared many pictures together on the internet. She passed away in 2019 and her boyfriend passed away in 2023. This is really heartbreaking news for everyone. No one has no idea about her and her boyfriend’s death. They both are made for each other. And they both died in under 3 years.

According to the reports, on 11th September 2019, she lost her life. She was just in her 26. Cleveland Police investigation says that she was driving Lamborghini. She was drunk when driving a car. She can not control the balance of the car and their car hit a median wall. The accident happened at around 2 am on the West 140th Street exit. After that, People took her to the Fairview Hospital. The doctor said clearly that has died. Surgerical report said, her alcohol level was measured at 0,08 percent. Here we can share all the information with you about her death. Follow for more updates.


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