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What Happened To Christopher Abeyta? Check Where Is He? Dead or Alive?


According to reports, a 7-month-old baby named Christopher Abeyta was kidnapped from his parents’ house. Well, reports state that he never returned but is it the case? Is he happens to be still missing or has he been found? Multiple questions like these have flooded the internet as netizens are curious to know what happened to Christopher. Let us check the further details of the case in the article below and get updates on the missing child’ case. Read the article to the end to get all the crucial information.

Christopher abeyta

As per the exclusive reports, the incident happened in 1970. Yes, a decade has passed since the young child went missing. Following the kidnapping, the child’s parents registered a missing complaint in the police station and urged the officials to find their precious child. The officials soon began their investigation into the case and tried to collect the shreds of evidence that can take them to any kind of lead.

They started investigating all the similar kinds of cases that happened earlier or in the same year. However, the authorities could not find anything and the case remained unsolved. Over time, not much of a change occurred. Bernice followed up on every tip while working at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. She worked hard to keep Christopher’s tale in the media over time. Despite the effort, none of the tips that were received resulted in a case breakthrough.

However, the family thought Emma had abducted Christopher. Christopher’s case was still unsolved thirty years later, just like in 1986. In addition to wanting her other children to not let the loss of their sister define them, Bernice sought explanations. On November 28, 1985, Bernice and Gil Abeyta had their seventh child, Christopher. He was only 7 months old. The family was a resident of Colorado’s Cheyenne Springs community at the time of the occurrence.

After dinner on July 14, 1986, Christopher was placed in a cot next to his parents’ beds. At around 2:30 that evening, he received his final bottle. On July 15, Bernice discovered that Christopher had left his cot around six in the morning. The frightened family additionally observed that the front door was slightly ajar. Shortly after, the missing 7-month-old kid was reported, and at around 6:45 AM, the police finally arrived at the Abeyta residence. However, a thorough search turned up no conclusive clues. Follow for more such updates and the latest news happening in the world.


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