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What Happened To Jonnie Irwin? ‘Escape To The Country’ Anchor Disclosed About His Terminal Cancer


What Happened To Jonnie Irwin? ‘Escape To The Country’ Anchor Disclosed About His Terminal Cancer:- In recent news, an English television presenter Jonnie Irwin revealed that he has terminal cancer. Due to the dreaded disease, he is living every single day like his last. The host, who anchors Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun and the BBC’s Escape to the Country, disclosed that it was 2020 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to him, the doctors gave him six months to live. Without any further ado, let us check what happened to him and other details about him in the article below.

What Happened To Jonnie Irwin Escape To The Country Anchor Disclosed About His Terminal Cancer

What Happened To Jonnie Irwin?

Sharing the shocking piece of information, the 48-year-old said that the sickness has progressed to his brain and that his condition is getting critical every passing day. He further added that he does not even know how much time he has left and due to the said reason, he has aimed to urge others who are suffering from the same condition to make the most of every day. Irwin said that the disease caused his eyesight to grow fuzzy while he was shooting in Italy in August 2020. He said that it happened to be the very first symptom of his sickness.

TV Presenter Has Terminal Cancer

When he returned from the shoot, Irwin was only given six months to live. He said that he had to return home and inform his wife who was taking care of their children on her own. It is no doubt to say that it was a difficult situation for Irwin as informing your better half about your fatal sickness and the consequences she has to face after that is undoubtedly, hard. Even though the man was not at fault, he felt guilty. The TV presenter felt that it was all his fault and that because of him, his wife will have to take care of their children alone.

For those unversed, Jonnie Irwin is married to Jessica and the couple shares three children named Rex, Rafa, and Cormac. Although he was diagnosed with terminal sickness earlier, he kept it hidden until now. Recently, he came forward and announced that he has cancer and also told that earlier he wanted to keep his illness private but he got this urge to motivate others who are suffering from the same so that they can live every single day with joy and no regrets. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news happening around the world. Stay tuned with us!


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