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What Happened To Vassilis Topalos? European Boxing Champion Dead At 16


Greek Junior European Champion Boxer Vassilis Topalos passed away at the age of 16 and the Boxing world mourns his death. He wants to become a future professional world champion and he died after tragic circumstances left him in an intensive care unit. He was with European Youth honors to his name and in mid-December, he suffered a catastrophic incident. The boxing world mourns his death and lots of people express their condolences for his death. Let us discuss in detail about him, the cause of his death, and other topics related to his death.

What Happened To Vassilis Topalos European Boxing Champion Dead

What Happened To Vassilis Topalos?

According to the reports and sources, He was suffering from serious injuries during sparring matches back in December. He gets this injury on the morning of Friday 16 December 2022 at a gym in a district of Athens and a municipality in the south Athens regional unit called as Kallithea.

As the reports of Proto Thema, He became unwell when he was fighting at Tavros Gym and the sessions of training were stopped immediately. His head was hit on the floor when he fainted and the people who were present there called medical services. He immediately transferred to the Tzanios Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital for over two weeks but the doctors confirmed his death and he was not able to bear the heavy injury.

What Was Vassilis Topalos Cause Of Death?

He was 16 years old when this saddest incident was done and he was seen as a magic boxer. His death happened after collapsing in the gym and he was going to become a future world boxing champion. He took his last breath in hospital where the doctors apply all efforts to save his life but in the end they confirmed him as died. There is not much information about his personal life and we will update our article after getting any information related to the cause of his death.

After presenting a long statement by the Deputy Minister of Sports in Greece named Lefteris Avgenakis, now he has opened an investigation and he said that the sports family of our country mourns the loss of the young boxing champion. Social media is full of tributes for his death and too many people and his loved ones share their thoughts for him on social media pages by posting and commenting. To read more articles related to the latest news and other news topics then stay connected to our website.


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