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Recently, comedian Adam Kay shared a horrifying incident. He talked about getting sexually assaulted in New Zealand. The comedian went on to disclose all the details about the incident in a new book which showcases his journey and career. It is said that Adam was working as a doctor when the terrifying incident occurred. Besides, he also had gotten a chance to perform a 20-minute when he attended a medical conference in New Zealand. Let us find out more details about the matter in the article below.

Adam Kay

Writing in his book titled “This is going to hurt”, Adam wrote that a sauna sounded like the least horrific option and the best chance of getting what he wanted and it instantly turned in his biggest regret. It is also reported that the comedian also tried to cheat on his wife with a man while being in New Zealand. Describing the horrifying incident in his book, Adam said that a man in his 40s got up, took his arm and without a word led him to a dimily lil booth where he raped him and went on to say “Thank you!”.

Sharing further details, Adam said that he used a fake name to enter the sauna in New Zealand as he did not want his wife to find out about him getting involved with anyone else. He added that he wanted to travel all the way to New Zealand without anyone finding about it and that he did not want anyone in particular. The comedian further said that he did not know who he was going to cheat with, just that it had to happen. According to him, after a long search, he went to sauna and had no idea what to expect.

In the mentioned book, Adam Kay revealed that he did not understand if he did something wrong and added that when the assault happened, he could not do anything. He entirely blamed himself and his own lack of conversation. Kay said that he was clear that he said no when the assault was happening but he just could not do anything and let it happen. Reportedly, Adam divorced his wife and married James Farrell. The latter is working as executive producer on HBO’s House of the Dragon. Now, the revealtions are surfacing around the internet and are sweeping the attention of local people. Stay tuned to this space for more such updates.


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