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What Happened With David Dobrik In Slovakia & Where Is He Right Now?


Hello, all the peers, so David Dobrik is gathering much attention from the audience again. The YouTuber first fetched the consideration of the audience when he was stuck in Slovakia. At first, he was extremely excited to leave his home country, but later he was stuck due to some circumstances and was eager to return. However, he even came back and informed all of his followers through his Instagram post along with a caption that “They Let Me Back Into America.” But the primary concern of all his follower is Where is David Dobrik right now.


A few days ago, the YouTuber informed through his Instagram that he was stuck in Slovakia. According to the latest reports, it was the first time in the six years when he visited the country the US won’t allow him to leave the country because he is a receiver of DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  Well, in one of his Instagram stories, Dobrik informed that he has got his Green Card, he also informed that returning to the US is amazing. He even appreciates the efforts of all of his followers.

Another video that is posted by the Social Media personality wherein he is enjoying his return and having Pasta by a poolside. Later, he announced getting his Green Card Visa at the time he was about to leave for Slovakia through his vlog. After when he reached Slovakia and didn’t manage to make any kind of contact with his fans, his followers started getting curious about his vlog and started enquiring about him. After getting numerous messages from his fans, Dobrik reveals that he is stuck in Slovakia due to his Visa and Green Card taking much time as he assumed.

He added that he is looking forward to coming to the US. Eventually, he managed to return to her granny after many efforts. On behalf of the reports, he hasn’t revealed anything on getting his green card to return to the US, his fans are extremely happy and welcome him with fond greetings. As of now, his subscribers are demanding another video. It assumes that Dobrik will come with another video to entice his fans soon. We will get back to you with all the latest information on David Dobrik return, till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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