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What Happened With Gary Glitter? Why Was He Arrested? Paedophile Former Pop Star Recalled to Prison


It is coming forward that popular singer Gary Glitter has been arrested and this news is getting too much attention on the internet and social media pages. He is an English glam rock singer and the most popular pop star around the world. His arresting news is running on the top of the internet and his songs are still most liked by the people and his fans. He contains a large number of fans and loved ones who are now asking various questions related to his arrest, so here we will discuss the reason behind his arrest and also talk about some more information related to this incident or him in this article.

Gary Glitter

According to the sources and reports, he was released on conditional bail recently a month ago and is now again being arrested. He was charged with possession of child abuse and many child crimes for which he is in a penalty of 16 years in prison. He is completing his jail terms and was recently released on bail and is now again arrested to complete his punishment. He was arrested for abusing three schoolgirls for which the court announced a sentence of 16-year jail. After completing his half punishment, he was released on bail and now going back to finish his punishment completely.

Paul Francis Gadd is his real and complete name and he is famous and most popular as Gary Gadd where he is also known as Paul Raven, Rubber Bucket, Paul Monday, or Paul Russell around the world. He was born on 8 May 1944 in Banbury, England, and became a successful and popular singer around the world. He also works as a songwriter and record producer. If we talk about her personal life then he was getting married to Ann Murton in 1963 but his married life didn’t continue well and he divorced her in 1972. He is the father of three children.

He begin his singing career at a small age of 16 years and at this age he performed at London’s clubs. He is currently 78 years old and he is under arrest. His name was Paul Gadd one of the greatest and biggest names in the Pop industry in the time of early 70s and he was one of the most loved people. His arresting news is continuously getting lots of attention on which many social media users sharing their reactions on this news topic. Currently, there is not much information has been revealed related to this incident and we will update our article after getting any news related to this incident.


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