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What Happened With Monica Cannady? Michigan Mom and 2 Children Found Frozen to Death in a Field


It is very sad to share that Michigan Mom and her two children were discovered dead in a field and this news is running on the top of the internet. The Michigan Mom and her two children were discovered frozen on Sunday 15 January 2023. This incident had taken place in a wooded area of Pontiac and this place is nearly 20 miles northwest of Detroit. This news is gathering a lot of os attention from netizens and lots of people shares their responses to this incident. Let’s discuss what happened to them and also talk about some other information related to this incident in this article so read continuously.

Michigan Mom and 2 Children Found Frozen

According to the police reports, Monica Cannady is a 35 years old woman, and her two sons were found frozen in a Michigan park. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard stated in a press conference that this incident was based on a mental health crisis on Monday. Her son Kyle Milton was nine years old and her second son Malk Milton was 3 years old they were also founded dead on the afternoon of Sunday in a park near Pontiac, Michigan. The main cause of their death is hypothermia and this is confirmed by an autopsy. A mental health crisis is said as any non-life-threatening situation and their behavior drops them at risk of hurting themselves and others.

A third child survived by taking help from a stranger and the third child is a 10-year-old daughter of Ms. Cannady. Her daughter was sought by a stranger at the time when this incident was happening and told the stranger that her family had passed away. He inform the police and the girl was transported to the hospital and now the daughter is in stable condition. Hypothermia is a condition when the body temperature is fall down lower than the normal body temperature which results in death. Her husband was murdered in 2021 according to sources.

Sherrif also said that she spent wandering the area and asking for food at random homes. She denied taking money from anyone of her residents with whom she met up on that day (Saturday). There are too many cases coming forward related to the mental health crisis and this is a serious problem because in this disease people harm themselves as well as other. This news is gained a lot of attention and there are so many people sharing their responses on this indent. Stay connected to socialtelecast.com to get more articles related to other news topics.


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