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What Happened With Veteran Firefighter Robert Poynter & Death Cause? NBC Dateline


This week NBC’s popular crime show Dateline will be showing the murder case of Veteran Firefighter Robert Poynter. In today’s article, we will be telling you all about Robert Poynter and his murder case. Robert Poynter’s murder case was one of the most buzzing and headline-grabbing cases of the year 2016. His murder case was very shattering and saddening for all his family and friends.

Robert Poynter  veteran firefighter

Robert Poynter was fatally shot to death on an abandoned country road in Royse city texas. Reports have claimed that Robert Poynter was deceived by his then-wife Chacey Poynter and her lover. Reports claimed that Chacey Poynter had multiple affairs at that time and Robert Poynter was deceived by Chacey Poynter and one of her lovers of that time. Chacey Planned his murder to own his life insurance policy. Robert Poynter was killed in a murder plot that was planned by his wife Chacey Poynter. Chacey Poynter and her lover were proven guilty in this case after the investigation was completed.

Robert Poynter’s murder story will be shown in the latest episode of Dateline which will be on air on Friday 26 August. Reports claimed that Robert Poynter was a very nice and helpful man. He loved and adored everyone. He was very helpful to everyone and was very kind to his community. He loved and adored serving his community. He was very dedicated to his community. He is remembered as a very kind and honest man in his community. He was a very nobleman, all the community members described him. His murder was very shocking and shattering for everyone. The whole community was shocked when the news about his unfortunate and brutal murder news came out in the world.

The news about his murder was very shocking and saddening for everyone. The police officials investigated this case. Chacey Poynter stated that she and her husband were going through a very rough patch in their marriage and thus they decided to meet in a local restaurant. She further continued and stated that she was heading to the restaurant to meet him and then suddenly her car was stuck in mud and she called Robert for help. Robert stated that Robert came to help her and then while he was helping a man came out from the bushes and shot him to death. Although at first Chacey no one thought Chacey could do this but later it was found out that the shooter was one of her lovers and she was the mastermind behind the murder of her husband and veteran Robert Poynton. She was found guilty of planning his murder and her lover was also found guilty of killing Robert Poynter. This was one of the most tragic cases in American history. To watch the whole story do watch the episode of Dateline on NBC. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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