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What Is Kanye Star With Swastika Logo Controversy? Know Everything About This


After uploading an altered image of the Swastika logo inside the Star of David, Kanye West found himself in hot water once more. After publicly expressing his adoration for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during an appearance on Infowars with Alex Jones, he uploaded the picture shortly after. According to reports, the image was made with the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop and posted from a laptop. Get further details into the article below.

What Is Kanye Star With Swastika Logo Controversy Know Everything About This

What Is Kanye Star With Swastika Logo Controversy?

Following his weird interview, Kanye West posted an image that led some to believe he was trying to demonstrate his love for both Nazis and Jews by uniting them. While the Nazis adopted the Swastika symbol and used it in their party’s flag, the Jews in the 19th century largely adopted the Star of David symbol. It was accepted as a symbol of peace and harmony and as an emblem of Judaism. The unsettling image that Kanye posted also ignited a discussion online.

Others, on the other hand, asserted that the Swastika positioned inside the Star of David was only a replica of the Raelism insignia, a UFO religion and purported alien cult. A “UFO religion” known as Raelism was established in the 1970s by Claude Vorilhon, better known by his stage name Rael, a former French journalist and music singer. The religion’s adherents refer to it as a “new religious movement” and hold that humans were placed on Earth as part of an alien experiment.

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Raelism believed that the Elohim, an extraterrestrial race, created humanity with sophisticated technology. Elohim was confused for the historical gods, according to the religion’s adherents. They also think that Elohim made forty human-human hybrids who were prophets on Earth in the past. These include the forty-first and last prophet, Rael, as well as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and Rael himself. In his 1974 book Le Livre Qui Dit La Verite, Rael made his initial assertions on Elohim and the “atheist religion,” and he also founded the MADECH organization to advance his beliefs.

The Raelian Church later took its position as the group’s replacement. Under the leadership of Brigitte Boisselier, a senior Raelian, Rael started working toward founding the Clonaid organization in 1997. The business gained notoriety in 2002 when it announced that Eve, a human clone baby, had been successfully produced. The Elohim, according to Raelism, will return to Earth to share their technology with people and establish a utopia once humanity has achieved the goal of using new scientific and technological advancement for peaceful purposes.


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