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What Is Kim Kardashian Lookalike Christina Ashten’s Cause Of Death?


Why people do not like their real faces and why do they want to look like others’ faces? If you make someone your idol and want to like them so take their qualities which are good, not bad why want to ruin your own faces? God makes everyone beautiful. People get obsessed to get everyone’s attention and don’t think about their life and what effect will be on their life. As you hear about plastic surgery which is invented for people to give new life to live. But its real purpose is only used in Hospitals for patients. Now plastic surgery is trending to get the face of others without thinking about the complication and risks to their life.

As you already hear recently a boy who was 22 years old who wants to look like Jimin member of BTS South Korean singer band lost his life after did 12 plastic surgery and now one case again went viral related to Plastic surgery.

Christina Ashten’s Cause Of Death?

Christina Ashten Cause of death

A girl who looks like Kim Kardashian lost her life in the middle of Surgery. The person we are talking about was Christina Asten Gourkani. She was only 34 years old and passed away due to plastic surgery complications. Christina is known as Asten G and she has many followers around six lacs, at the time of her death, she also gained more followers on Instagram.

She gained fame and had many followers also because she looked like Kim Kardashian. According to the reports, Her Family received a call from a relative last week that Christina was dying, and after receiving the call they immediately took her down to the hospital where she died from cardiac arrest.

The family revealed that Christina’s death is being invested like potential homicide and it getting worse than a medical investigation. The medical investigation is related to Plastic surgery maybe. Her family does not provide any other information and has not disclosed it yet.

As family, friends, and fans struggle to come to terms with this devastating news, they rally together in support of the GoFundMe campaign to honor Christina’s memory and ensure her loved ones can provide her with the memorial she deserves. She will be missed by her friends, families, and also from followers. Please don’t risk your life to get another face for attention just do only hard work own and get reach that platform where you can say this is my identity I achieved my own and god make everyone beautiful just believe in yourself.


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