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Hello, all Social Media users, as we all know that Tik Tok is considered one of the most engaging Social Media applications nowadays. However, the application and controversies, and trends go together with Tik Tok. The video-sharing app keeps bringing new trends to sustain the engagement of all its users. Well, nowadays an all new-trend has reached its pinnacle and all the users are going bananas for the trend. Well, it is getting popular with the name Menace Cult. As we just mentioned that the people are going crazy about it. Get the complete detail regarding the trend below.

Menace Cult

Well, there are a number of users who are doing the cult on Tik Tok, the trend raised amidst in the month of August. Initially, the trend was known as Vegeta Cult but over time it was renamed as Menace Cult. As of now, the trend is at its peak fetching more followers with each of the passing days. Well, the word cult is considered dangerous in the Internet language, but this time cult is bringing entertainment and serving among the millions of users. This time cult doesn’t refer to danger.

So, according to the trend a particular group of people supporting each other through the application and changing their profile pictures, and setting a similar profile picture on their Tik Tok user profile. The users or groups of users are using similar emoji as their display pictures, some of the users are coming with black hats while some of them are resembling some sort of Anime character. The trend is assisting the users to increase their followers and making much popular on Social Media applications. Along with the profile picture the song that tops the trend is ‘Ryte Night’ by NBA YoungBoy. The music album was released in 2017 and still making people groove on the beats.

‘Ryte Night’ is not the only song getting popular with the trend there are some more tracks going on the platform including ‘FREEDDAWG’ in their videos. While some other users are shaking their legs on Doja Cat and Drake. However, ‘Ryte Night’ is heading ahead of other tracks. As we mentioned that the trend is booming nowadays that came to attend a couple of days back and now getting popular at a rapid pace. In addition to this, the trend has fetched more than 1.5 million views and still continuing. So, if you are a Tik Tok user and haven’t tried yet go and enjoy it on Tik Tok. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.


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