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What Is My Dad Divorced My Mom A Year Ago Trending Tiktok? Viral Video


It’s no surprise that every day plenty of videos go viral that are related to different things. Recently, a Tik Tok video has been going viral on the internet under the title “Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año”. It is getting huge attention from the netizens and is gaining a massive amount of views as well. Though some sections of people are also confused about the entire video as many searches are coming forward such as what is the whole video about and why is it getting popular. Well, here’s what we know about it.

Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año

The Tik Tok video has nothing unusual about it except for the caption that is in Spanish. It is making the whole video quite hilarious and engaging. However, the said video has been deleted from the account which had posted it. Though it has already reached the users and it is getting circulated around several social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Many YouTubers are utilizing the chance and are using the said video as clickbait so that they can increase engagement while people are also sharing the video on their social media handles.

Speaking of the Tik Tok video, it features a man and a girl dancing on a song in sync. You must be wondering what is wrong with that. Well, let us describe to you what the caption reads. The captions that are in Spanish state that “My mom and dad divorced a year ago”. It further states that “I went to live with him”. Now, the last caption is what stirring the internet. It says “But the problem is that there was only a single bed”. After reading the captions, it comes forward that the man and the girl share the relationship of father and daughter.

As soon as the video went viral, the users were fast to troll it saying it is encouraging false narratives. However, there are some speculations getting rife. It is stated that the pair could be a stepfather and a stepdaughter and not related to blood as it will really portray them in a bad light. It is also coming forward that they only created this video to get viral. Well, if that was the case, they surely have gotten succeed. Since the Tik Tok video named Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año has already been removed, no further information about the duo is available.


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