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What Is Scientology Necklace Getting Viral On TikTok Meaning Explained


On TikTok, there is a new thing that has started to viral and as many big celebs have seemed wearing the stuff you are searching for, it has become the most searched topic. Well, you must have heard about “SCIENTOLOGY NECKLACE” and no doubt its search has brought you here. Do you ever think that in the midst of so many expensive ornaments, a necklace will be a centre of popularity and as the necklace has seen in some of the most golden and adorable necks, you should know that what is special in it?

frankie jonas

Plenty more influencers on TikTok have seen wearing the Scientology necklaces and no doubt that they have been criticized as well for the same but it all started when Frankie Jonas was seen putting on the same necklace in his neck and as he is the youngest Jonas brothers so it was just expected. Actually, Frankie played a prank on some of the most famous TikTokers where he was asking them to pose with Scientology necklaces. However, the video got deleted or something happened to that clip but in one of his newest posts he seen showing his necklace where he wrote “wear my Scientology chain and pose” and just after his post number of superstars have seen wearing the same.

what is Scientology Necklace?

Well, you must be keen to know that what is SCIENTOLOGY NECKLACE and what does it stands for. So basically it is a chain or better say a necklace with a Scientology logo or symbol lavalière hanging on it. Talking about the symbol so in this there are two triangles sitting together and seems like sitting on top of each other with the letter “S” going through the two triangles. This is all what and how does it look like but there is something you should also look at.

According to L. Ron Hubbard Scientology is a belief among people and it is a study but now it is turning into religion but don’t you think that science can’t be a religion because it does not believe at all and now how can it try to become the same? Scientology organization also said that “it offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain perception of one’s true spiritual nature and another’s a relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe, and the Supreme Being.” People are criticizing all who wear it because they are now promoting a new religion which should be not after all religion is a feeling which should not be poked. Stay tuned to know more updates on it/


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