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What is Smithfield’s Deathstar? Protester Arrested At Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest


After waiting for a very long, finally, the admirers of “Nathan’s Hot Dog” eating contest became the witness of amazing activists, which they all were desperately waiting for. Yes, you heard right, almost everyone had been enthusiastic to see who would get the victory this year in the contest as Joey Chestnut has made his appearance again. But during the contest, something too unexpected took place, which grabbed the huge eyes of those who were streaming the contest. When Joey and other participants were competing then spontaneously a protestor rushed to the stage and interrupted the event. So belwo you could get everything you need to know along with some untold facts.

What is Smithfield's Deathstar Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Now, almost everyone is paying attention to make themselves aware of “What Is Smithfield Death Star”, if you streamed the event so you would have witnessed that a protestor rushed while jumping on the stage along with a sign which was indicating “Expose Smithfield Death Star” although, it seems he was just trying to cover “S” because of which only “Mithfield” was appearing. Amidst all these issues, uncounted are claiming that the person was only creating the controversy, so that, he could come into the attention of everyone.


Reportedly, Joey made the title of the winner on his name while receiving the honor, in the men’s category and oppositely Miki Sudo got the victory too in the women’s category. It was the 15th win for Joey as he was maintaining consistency from the past few years, he overtook the contest because of his dedication, and he did not get stopped by the protestor as he was only focusing on the prize money. Therefore, he and Miiki Sudo received around $10,000 and the 2nd prize was 5,000, the 3rd prize was around $2,500, the 4th was around $1,500 and the fifth was around $1,000.

The contest took place at Coney Island, New York City and it has been taking place at the same venue for the past few years. Therefore, whenever, the organizers make an announcement of holding the contest uncounted come out to join it. This is the reason, the popularity of the contest is massive enough and yearly getting enhanced too. The preparations were grand enough as you could watch in those clips which are making teh wide rounds on social media as the concerned handle dropped the footage. So here we have mentioned everything and when something will come out we will update you.


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