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What Is Wear It Big Challenge on Tiktok Song and Trending Videos


There is no doubt that when it comes to talking about short entertainment clips so only one name pops up and that is TikTok which is one of the biggest entertainment platforms for all influencers and other wanna-be celebs. The platform has been managing its popularity among its audience and the makers or better say the TikTokers are leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience across the world. In the midst of so many trends, the trendsetter platform is creating a buzz with its new challenge.

Wear It Big Challenge on Tiktok

Well, we all know it very well that every week creators of TikTok bring something new and every trend or challenge gets old just after a week. If we talk about the beginning of this month September so in the first week of this month we were watching “Beaning” where people went crazy. In that challenge basically, a person has to smear baked beans in someone’s house. Hopefully, the trend went old when the second week brought ‘Devious Lick’ where people were stealing goods from the bathroom of their schools. Thankfully we have to go through the last week of this month and this time we got another weird challenge which is called “Wear It Big Challenge”.

Talking about this weird challenge so in Wear It Big women wear a big, long, or loose t-shirt and as usual, they have to show their perfect body structure to arouse their audience. In other words, we can say that women flaunt in their XXXL size T-shirt and they just so-called groove on the camera, and when a particular drop or beat comes the girl jumps or flaunts stretching her dress until her every single muscle appears in the t-shirt. However, the trend is buzzing everywhere and every girl is showing off of her body and no doubt is she is doing hard work to get her body in shape so she can show because it’s her choice whether she shows her curves or she shows her little dope eyes.

You all must be keen to know that what is “Wear It Big Challenge” is all about? Well, as you have watched some of the reels or TikToks where women show off their body and their curves and sometimes you must have heard the Big Butt Challenge where girls spin and jumps showing their west curves and the same thing is with this challenge and this is another reason that this challenge is also a bizarre thing to watch.


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