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What salaries do project managers earn after UMASS PMP?


For every professional’s life, career growth is viewed as a crucial aspect. But things will sometimes begin to slow down once you reach a certain level in your career. The growth will also seem to become stagnant.

Are you in this situation? Looking for something that can boost your career? You must opt for UMASS PMP.

In this article, you will gain information on the UMASS PMP certification, its benefits, and how much project managers earn. You will also learn how it can advance your career. So, let’s find out.

How much do Project Managers earn?

After completing the UMASS PMP or Project Management Professional program, project managers get paid $85,237 [INR 6,936,373.97] each year. Besides that, these numbers are the estimated base pay of all the project managers.

The IT Project Managers and Project Coordinators get paid $102,321 [INR 8,32,348.16] and $56,655 [INR 4,609,734.07] each year. On the other hand, Senior Project Managers receive a salary of $125,801 [INR 10,235,798.4] each year.

Project Management Project [PMP]

The PMP training program is a globally recognized certification program in project management. The program legalizes an individual’s competency, skill, experience, and education. All these things are compulsory to direct and lead projects. PMI, or Project Management Institute, is this certification’s official and primary provider.

Project Management Institute is a “NOT-FOR-PROFIT” membership association. It is dedicated to all project management experts. Successful pillars are known as the primary pillars of all companies. That’s why it’s crucial to have a strategic and organized approach for a project to properly:

  • Initiate
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Execute
  • Closure
  • Control
  • Monitor

Within all industries, project managers are responsible for the completion and development of a project. Doing it correctly can lead to success and positive outcomes. The PMP course ensures that all project managers can apply all the best practices when it comes to

  • Techniques
  • Tools
  • Skills
  • Knowledge

Applying them properly will help a project manager to take care of the project activities according to the requirements.

Things to know about the UMASS PMP certification

The UMASS PMP boot camp has a diverse range of privileges, which every learner will get once they become a PMP Certified expert. In this section, you will understand the privileges, which are the fascinating ones.

  • It gives a boost to your salary
  • Provides utility across countless industries
  • Enhances the people-orientation and teamwork
  • Improves risk management skills
  • Offers you the chance for continuous learning
  • Refines problem-solving skills
  • It will make you a lot more responsible
  • It provides you with a platform for global recognition
  • This will give you an edge over the non-PMPs
  • Upgrades the leadership quality

When you plan to opt for the PMP certification, you should gain more information. The soundest way to do so is by checking out this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yHG64DMzmj8.

How will the UMASS PMP certification help you?

The PMP Course is the most serious and prestigious certification ever to exist. To get the PMP Certification, you need to clear the PMP examination. But PMP certification is not child’s play. It requires rigorous training, hard work, and dedication to understanding project management concepts. It will also help you gain knowledge of the project management framework.

Now, you might be thinking, why do so much for a specific certification? Well, the answer is simple. The project manager is an individual who has the power to drive a particular project toward its success. The project management process is an extensive network of activities and tasks that needs constant management and monitoring.

All organizations require something in the form of a guarantee right before they entrust their projects to an individual. Here, the project management certification is proof of an expert’s expertise and capabilities. But that’s not all, and the PMP qualification can also help in countless other aspects, such as

  • The online certificate project management is ideal for individuals moving from the tech industry to the PM role. It provides experts with a holistic view of the PM procedure to understand all project management challenges.
  • The certification will also solidify a person’s foundation in all the PM concepts. It will provide them with a framework to implement them in the future.
  • When you understand the concepts of the project management process within all settings, you can easily lead the project. You will begin right from initiating till the project’s delivery.
  • Individuals with project management certifications will have a cohesive project overview. This can help you manage the project properly and smoothly.
  • To clear the PMP examination, you must learn and understand all the main principles of project management. This will help in decision-making and also comprehend all the best practices.
  • The PMP certification is viewed as a de-facto standard for the best practices in project management. So, the PMP-certified experts will stay one step ahead of the non-certified experts across the globe.

Benefits of opting for the UMASS PMP certification

You will be showered with countless advantages/benefits once you take up the UMASS project management certificate. Some of these are

  1. Get appreciated for excellent Project Management

Once you get a project management certification, you will become an expert in honing project delivery skills and standardized methods. You will get a proper understanding of project management and gain success by delivering all projects timely. Delivering the projects efficiently will gain respect, and all your seniors will appreciate you. There is also a high chance of getting a promotion.

  1. Get paid more than the non-certified experts

When you come across various job opportunities, you will find that many companies have listed PMP as a mandatory requirement. Some organizations will give much more preference to a certified expert. PMP certification can add value to a person’s career regarding salary hikes and growth. With this particular certification, you will get a much higher salary than all the non-certified project managers.

Wrapping up

PMP certifications can display an individual’s skills, and their work will be globally recognized. You can easily prove your competencies and experience to direct and lead all kinds of projects. Obtaining this certification will be viewed as an investment in your personal and professional development.

If you are looking for any additional information or guidance regarding UMASS PMP, contact us at 1800-212-7688.


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