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What Was Amber Sheehy Cause of Death? Amber Sheeshy Passed Away After 4 Years Of Struggle


We are saddened to report the sudden death of Amber Sheehy. Reports claim that she was just a little girl who had her whole life ahead of her. It is coming forward that Amber passed away on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Ever since the news has come to the front, people are paying her heartfelt tributes. No one seems to believe the fact that the young girl has left her loved ones at such a young age. It is very devastating to know that she has taken her last breath. Here, check what happened to her.

Amber Sheeshy

Taking to Facebook, Amber Sheehy’s father Jon Sheehy announced the heartbreaking news. He wrote that Amber passed away peacefully last night at 11 PM on the 14th January, 2023. He went on to write that she did not want to wait an extra hour to become 9 years old. Adding further, Jon wrote that Amber went so peacefully in her sleep with him and Amanda by her side and that she had no pain or discomfort and this was all they could have hoped for. “Amber passed away with dignity after fighting a battle she could not win.”

What Was Amber Sheehy Cause of Death?

Apart from sharing the news of Amber’s passing, it was also shared that she died of Medulloblastoma brain tumor. She was diagnosed with the disease in April 2019 when she was only 5-years-old. It is reported that she complained of headaches and morning sickness. To remove the tumor from her body, Amber went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. After she was diagnosed with the tumor, the family spent two years in Addenbrooke’s Hospital where the girl was hospitalized and underwent surgery to completely remove the tumor. However, the family was devastated to learn about her daughter’s illness.

Let us tell you that Amber had been suffering from this disease for around three and a half years smiling and laughing along the way. Despite having a bald head and tubes coming out of her, the girl tried surviving the hard life, given by God. Even though she was getting treatment in the hospital, she could not survive.

The girl, unfortunately, died on January 14, 2023. Ever since the news of her passing surfaced on the internet, people started rushing to social media and paid the young deceased soul heartfelt tributes. Social Telecast also pays her heartfelt tributes and offers its deepest condolences to her family and friends. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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