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What Was Christopher Ayres Death Cause? Dragon Ball’s Voice Actor Frieza Dies at 56


The quite famous personality and legendary voice actor Christopher Ayres has passed away at the age of 56 due to health complications, he was best known for his role as Frieza in the Dragon Ball Franchise. Ever since the fans got acquainted with the news a wave of great sorrow surrounded them as they have lost their favorite voice artist. Numerous admirers are paying tribute to him through social networking sites, therefore everyone mourning his death. Several achievements are listed on his name due to his commendable work, but unfortunately, he is no more. Get to know more check the details below such as wiki-bio, net worth, Instagram, family, etc.

What Was Christopher Ayres Death Cause? Dragon Ball's Voice Actor Frieza Dies at 56

As per the reports or sources, Christopher Ayres was battling the lethal disease over the years, and having undergone a double lung transplant after being diagnosed with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2017. His entire family stood by him during his hard period while battling with health complications, but unfortunately, he had to leave the world as his complications got increased while treating, he has survived by his mother and brother, but it is being said that Krystal LaPorte was in a relationship with him, who supported him equally like his family.

Who Was Christopher Ayres?

Christopher Ayres was an American voice artist along with a scriptwriter, who had worked in several Japanese Amine Series at Okratron 5000, Funimation, Seraphim Digital/ Sentai Filmworks, and New Generation Pictures. He was Born on 16th May 1965 in Richmond, Virginia, United States. He had begun his acting career when he was only six years old because he decided to convert his passion into a profession and therefore he went with his interest. But the Dragon Ball Z has proven a turning point in his career because of which, he got the popularity up to the next level.

It is being reported, that everyone is expressing their deepest condolence to their legend who made their childhood amazing through his voice, because any Anime series or Drama is incomplete if it does not have any voice. Hence, everyone is going through a great shock of losing their favorite star forever, therefore Twitter has been flooded with heartfelt messages which are being shared by his admirers in a huge way. Several are praying for his close ones as well especially his family so that, their strength could be enhanced a bit more to bear the pain of heart-wrenching news, (RIP).


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