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What Was Claire Bear Cause Of Death? Girl Dies After A Long Battle From DIPG


In recent news, Claire Bear has passed away. Claire’s mother to Facebook to announce the saddening piece of news. She wrote that the young girl’s father was on one side of her and she was on the other and that it was a beautiful and peaceful process. Adding further, her mother said that their baby is an angel now. She said that they will announce arrangements once they know them and went on to thank everyone for their prayers. Here, find out what happened to Claire Bear and how did she die.

What Was Claire Bear Cause Of Death Girl Dies After A Long Battle From DIPG

What Was Claire Bear Cause Of Death?

According to reports, Claire Bear was battling DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). For those unversed, it is a medical condition where a tumor gets formed in the brain which is highly aggressive and difficult to treat. It mainly occurs in the area of the brainstem which controls some of the crucial functions including breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. It is coming forward that she was suffering from the said condition for a long time and was receiving treatment for the same too. Despite getting the best form of treatment, the doctors could not save her.

What Happened To Claire Bear?

Reports confirm that Claire Bear battled DIPG for 2.5 years and eventually passed away from the same disease on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at around 7 AM. As already mentioned, Claire’s mother broke down the news on social media, and following the announcement of her passing, tributes and condolence messages flooded the internet. Netizens could not believe the fact that the little girl has left the world at such a young age. Her death has saddened many of her close ones and friends. Apart from Claire’s mother, the charity organization also disclosed the news on Facebook.

Taking to FB, they wrote that they are heartbroken to share the news of Claire Bear’s demise and added that she battled the above-mentioned condition for around 2.5 years and took her last breath in the early hours of Thursday. It is reported that she was 9 years old at the time of her passing at around 7 AM. “Let us all lift Claire in our hearts and honor her together. We are sending love and prayers for Claire and her loved ones”, added the charity further in the post. Since then, tributes have been paid to the little girl with a beautiful smile. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news across the globe. Stay tuned!


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