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What Was DJ SHOG Cause Of Death? Trance Icon Sven Holger Greiner Dies At 46


We are saddened to report the unfortunate death of DJ Shog. The entire German music industry seems to have been disheartened to learn about his sudden passing. Tributary posts and condolence messages have flooded the internet since the news broke out. His fans have well-wishers have taken to social media to pay him heartfelt tributes and respects. Everyone is searching for his cause of death and how did he die. Well, here, in this article, let us find out what happened to him and other details about him.

What Was DJ SHOG Cause Of Death Trance Icon Sven Holger Greiner Dies

The death of DJ Shot sent shockwaves through the trance music community. The adored DJ and producer began his career more than 20 years ago in Hamburg, Germany, and carried on until his untimely passing. Due to the wishes of the family and friends for privacy, the precise cause of death has not been disclosed; yet, everyone involved is making every effort to shed further light on the situation. Some sources have claimed that he was suffering from health complications. However, it has not been confirmed at this moment.

Who Was DJ Shog?

In 1976, DJ Shog was born in Hamburg, Germany. He had no idea that he would go on to become a successful international electronic music artist at the moment. He started taking steps to investigate his interest in deejaying around the beginning of the 1990s, such as going to private parties and entering DJ competitions. He began doing this regularly at gigs in the northern part of Germany.

The debut of his double-CD compilation series Technics-DJ-Set, which included CDs mixed by himself and some well-known artists like Cosmic Gate and Green Court, served as the main catalyst for his career shortly after. His success in the field of electronic music was propelled by this. After eight months of internships at Cuepoint Records and Hamburg 1. It is coming forward that Sven Greiner began the first year of audio-visual media sales training at EastWest Records in 1998.

It is no doubt to say that his sudden death has shaken many people to the core. No one seems to believe the fact that he has died and has left his loved ones in profound grief and sorrow. As mentioned, DJ Shog’s cause of death has not been revealed yet. His family is in a state of shock and is finding it hard to believe that he has passed away. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.


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