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When To Watch Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episode 5, 6, 7, 8: Release Date & Time, Plot


Love is Blind Brazil, a popular blind dating show and the franchise of Love is Blind. The show is similar to Married at first sight and The Bachelor. The show was released in 2021 and many People have mixed reviews on the show as it received 6.1 ratings on IMDB. The second season was released on 28th December 2022 with four episodes and now fans are waiting for more upcoming episodes. The makers have announced the release date of the upcoming episodes.

When To Watch Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episode 5 6 7 8

As we have already seen the beginning of the season in which we have noticed that it is similar to the first season of the show. A total of 32 men and women enter the play searching for love. During the show, They have to date each other for ten days. There is a rule in the show that if a couple is dating each other so, they can only talk but can’t meet personally. After 10 days they can propose to each other for marriage if they like each other. Talking about the location of the show, it took place in Sai Paulo, Brazil.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episode 5, 6, 7, 8 Release Date & Time

According to the rules when a couple accepts the marriage proposal, they can move out of the show and live in an apartment provided by the performance in Sao Paulo. After this, they can meet each other’s parents and get to know each other closely, and try to convince them to marry. The show has already released its four episodes and is ready to release its next 4 episodes. Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2 Episodes 5, 6, 7, & 8 will release on 4th January 2023. As the first The second season’s upcoming episodes will also air on Netflix in different regions as follows:

  • Australia: 9:00 pm, Wednesday
  • United Kingdom: 10:00 am, Wednesday
  • Canada: 5:00 am, Wednesday
  • India: 3:30 pm, Wednesday
  • Pakistan: 3:00 pm, Wednesday
  • Brazil: 7:00 am, Wednesday

Love is Blind: Brazil Season 2 Recap

Episode 1: Titled “Anyone There?” We see the contestants enter their pods and started talking with each other without seeing them. Some of them connect instantly, and some fought with each other.

Episode 2: Titled “If We Work Together, Everyone Can Get Married”, The contestants start to know other contestants. Some of them think Tiago is controlling them, and Paulo is confused between the two contestants. The other contestants still need clarification and help to figure out what to do.

Episode 3: titled “Junglemoon”, In this episode, we watched Paulo and Amanda Saw each other face to face for the first time. Guilherme and Maira also met each other. Also, they are in love so much that they moved to the next step of their relationship. Tiago is still confused and is now forced to make a decision.

Episode 4: Titled “So Was There Chemistry?” It was the last episode of the show and in this episode, we have seen that how couples fight with each other and Flavia and Robert slowed down their relationship.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episode5, 6, 7, & 8 Couples List

We have the list of the couple who will be part of the show in upcoming episodes. In these episodes, they will try their lock and continue their quest for love. The couples we’re gonna see in the show are:

  • Tiago Augusto (35) is a Trade Representative, and Venessa Carvalho (32) is a Psychologist.
  • Veronica Brito (31) is a model, and William Domiencio (26) is an Accounting Assistant.
  • Flavia Queiroz (27) is a nurse, and Robert Richard (29) is a Personal Trainer.
  • Maria Bullos (31) is a Social Media Manager, and Guilherme Martins (29) is an Air Traffic Controller.
  • Thamara Terez (30) who is a Lawyer and Alisson Hentges (27) who is an Administrator.

Love is Blind is a renowned Netflix original series, which is loved by many. The show has a huge fan base and will be premiered on Netflix On the date given above according to the region. You need to buy a subscription to Netflix to stream the series. In India, The subscription will cost you Rupees 149/ month and 18.9 BRL


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