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When Will Tough As Nails season 4 episode 3 Air? Where to Watch Release Date And More


After entertaining the fans with 2 interesting episodes, the makers of Tough As Nails are all set to release the next episode. It is no doubt to say that the fans are anticipating the episode 3 release for quite some and it happens to be all they have been discussing on social media. Due to this reason, the series is trending everywhere. Well, if you also happen to be searching for all the details related to the upcoming episode of the series, check out the full article and get all the details.

Tough As Nails season 4

The teams will be racing around the plant nursery in the upcoming episode, titled I Look Like Curious George. Before starting to construct the planter box, the teams will need to scour the nursery for materials with their names. According to the episode’s summary, “Crew members visit a plant nursery where meticulousness is essential when constructing a difficult planter box in the individual challenge.”

Needless to say, the series does have an interesting concept that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.┬áThe host of Tough As Nails season 4 Phil Keoghan explains to the competitors that they must choose 40 trees in total in a sneak peek posted to social media. In order to find the red tags bearing the name of their team, “Team Dirty Hands” sprints through the nursery. Sergio said in a confessional that they are out and about searching for trees and the place is massive.

Apart from this, another sneak peek was released which features Dirty Hands working in a perfect symphony. Synethia also said in a confessional that they see him going like this and that using all kinds of signals, so it was pretty watching him.┬áThe challenge for the candidates in the first of the two-part season was to replace worn-out boat moorings. They had to travel from Row A to Row B to replace the mooring as part of the task, fix their own boat’s motor, get it running, and then return to cross the orange flags on either side of the land.

The second episode of Tough As Nails, which had its premiere on January 4 with a two-hour special, will run this week. The third episode of CBS Tough As Nails season 4 will air on January 11 at 10 PM ET. The fans can enjoy the new episode and fetch the curiosity that had been set in them for a long time. Keep following Social Telecast for more updates.


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