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Where is Heidi Petracheck going after leaving CTV News Atlantic: New Job Salary


Here we are back today with a new latest news. A name that is currently spreading widely on the internet and is attracting people’s attention and that name is Heidi Patracheck. This name was treading because she left CTV News Atlantic. Now everyone is on their own because they all want to know where she will go after leaving CTV News. This is such a trending news now that it is going around everywhere, due to which everyone’s attention is going towards this news. Heidi Petraczek is a Canadian TV personality who used to work in the category of journalist.

Heidi Petracheck

Where is Heidi Petracheck going after leaving CTV News Atlantic?

He has created his image through his job in such a way that today everyone recognizes him. So what do you think happened to Handy Patracheck now? And now where is she going? In this article, we will try our best to know all the details. In the Atlantic Canada area, he has earned his name by becoming an anchor and reporter.
she started her TV news type Information in the province of Saskatchewan. Her profession has been a lot of fun and dabbles his presenting, writing, producing, TV reporting, and radio. Everyone especially those who loved him were shocked when they found out that she resigned from her job at CTV News.

There is a lot more information related to this news, now you will read further with us. People now just want to know where and what work she would be doing after leaving the job. Before you understand everything, we want to tell you about his new job. That now Heidi Patracheck found her new job and she works for Global News now. We read posts like this and see on X (Twitter) that today is the last day for her in CTV Atlantic.

With the post, she shared his 13 years of experience with all of us. He also shared many of his feelings with us. Like when he made the announcement, now those job hunters were offering him brand new jobs on social media after hearing this. But now Heidi herself has revealed that she will work for Global News from now on. Now from tomorrow i.e. October 23, 2023, Will be part of Global National. She is an excellent and famous personality who has done a lot of good work in his life and has made his place in the hearts of many people. Stay connected with us for more such updates.


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