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Where To Watch I Am A Stalker Episode 1: Release Date & Time, Spoilers, Streaming Platform


Where To Watch I Am A Stalker Episode 1: Release Date & Time, Spoilers, Streaming Platform:- One of the most popular and highly anticipated TV dramas, “I Am A Stalker Episode 1” is all set to occupy your Television and mobile screens, as the makers have made an announcement officially. Yes, you heard right, the series is on its way to make the streamer feel over the top because seldom a few hours would have pending in the broadcasting and you will receive your favorite one. This time the makers of the series are also claiming that they are delivering something over the top, below you can explore everything you need to know as release date, spoiler, etc.

Where To Watch I Am A Stalker Episode 1 Release Date Time Spoilers Streaming Platform

Reportedly, the episode is titled “Daniel Thompson” which is indicating that the story will be revolving around him, as his case of deadly obsession with Angie, the girl with whom he was pursuing his schooling will reach the consequence after receiving the appropriate investigation. As he was too obsessed with her and therefore, he breaks her house from the backside too, so that, he could get her glimpse while sleeping but Angie was not aware of all this, as he used to pretend as a good friend of hers but the seeds of his obsession had caught the heat to such an extent.

I Am A Stalker Episode 1: Release Date & Time

The makers are dropping “I Am A Stalker Episode 1” on the 28th of October 2022 on Netflix and this will have titled “Daniel Thompson”, so before anything you just need to make sure that your app subscription should remain ahead to get access to the app.

Because everything is paid there and without having the remaining one you will not get the chance to become the witness of a great storyline especially when the makers are promising to bring something overwhelming. Therefore, the curiosity of the admirers is getting enhanced to such an extent to get it.

Everything has been mentioned in the announcement that had been dropped by the makers of the series, while following that information you will get it at the correct schedule because only a very few moments are left in the broadcasting and it will rule your Television screen. As we have mentioned that it will be the first episode so you do not need to worry about the story as it will begin through the episode, therefore, you do think to get the last ones. So watch it at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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