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Who Are Kevin Hyde And Joe Ditomasso? Missing Boaters At Atlantic Found Details Explored


Kevin Hyde and Joe Ditomasso, they both are too much circulating on the internet from the reports of The United States Coast Guard that both two persons and a pet dog have been rescued from a sailboat after 10 days of disappearance. Both men were lost in the Atlantic Ocean. There are too many raised related to them on social media by the users of the internet and the users want to know information about this incident and both persons. Here in this article, we will know that how they went there and what happened to them.

Who Are Kevin Hyde And Joe Ditomasso Missing Boaters At Atlantic Found Details Explored

Joe Ditomasso a 76 years old man and Kevin Hyde a 65 years old man were traveling by boat from Cape May situated in New Jersey to Marathon situated in Florida. They both vanished when their Atrevida II yacht departed the Outer Banks of North Carolina on December 3. The report of two persons was done on 3 December. They both were torn apart in the Ocean of Atlantic and they both and the dog were rescued from their sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean which is approx 200 miles off the coast of Delaware on 14 December 2022.

Who Are Kevin Hyde And Joe Ditomasso?

According to the agency, the Coastal Guard was notified of the two sailors is not here on Sunday and collected the information, and started finding them in the range from Florida to New Jersey. If we talk about both persons they both were traveling by boat from New Jersey to Florida. On Tuesday, The US Coast reported that two men and a dog were rescued from a sailboat that was lost 200 miles off the coast of Delaware.

They both had nothing and they were without gasoline or electricity for 10 days after friends and family last heard from him the sailboat’s radios and navigational instruments were not working due to loss of power and fuel. This was a scary situation for them but they didn’t lose hope and struggled for a living and they both were rescued by the crew of the tanker vessel Silver Muna.

According to an interview with Mr. DiTomasso’s daughter Nina on Wednesday, she shares that M. DiTomasso who is a retired auto mechanic from Cape May, New Jersey, and Mr. Hyde started a journey on 27 November and they desired to save them both, and travel to a warmer climate. They both said that it was a little miracle that we discovered by him in a news conference in New York where Mr. DiTomasso, Coast Guard officials, the captain of the Silver Munaa, and various people arrived.


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