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Who is Aaron Matthew? Teen Stabbed His Mother Over 80 Time Check Mugshots


These days, crime is spreading its feet all over the world, and almost every time these tragedies lead to an unexpected departure of someone. Something similar is again coming into the limelight from Leicester, England, which left almost everyone shivered, as no one has even assumed that day their faces will collide with such unfortunate news. Yes, you heard right, 19-year-old Aaron Matthew a teen brutally stabbed his mother over 80 times and killed her at his flat which is located in Highfield, in September 2022. Now, finally, has been sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday, 1st August 2022.


As per the exclusive reports or sources, no bail will be held in his name as he is dangerous to society because, he killed his own mom while stabbing more than 80 times, therefore, he could kill anyone else. Even, the Leicester Court advised concerned authorities to be sagacious at the time of dealing with him. Almost everyone is praising the decision of the court by mentioning that he deserves the punishment and that nothing is worse than spending his whole life behind the bars. In short, uncounted recalled the case again while breaking down in tears, as the case was disrupted enough.

Reportedly, on 11th September 2021, Andrew Marshell found her died-body in the bedroom of Boy, and therefore, without any ado, he made a call to concerned authorities while conveying everything. Therefore, without any ado, they made their appearance at the crime spot but besides Andrew, no one was there, which was shocking enough. This is the reason, initially, he was taken into custody for the interrogation as the sword of suspicion was hanging on his neck, but later, everything turned clear when the weapon and further evidence were found in the room of her son. Therefore, soon they detained him, and on the basis of evidence, further proceedings did by them.

Apart from this, the autopsy report left almost everyone in deep shock along with concerned authorities, as the reports unveiled that, he stabbed her around 83 times as 83 wounds appeared on her dead body a few were internal. This is the reason, almost everyone was requesting the concerned authorities to take the appropriate actions and lived up to the expectation of everyone as well, while sending him behind the bars. So here we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other sources and when more will come out we will update you.


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