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Who Is Adrian Holmes? Fresh Prince Reboot Uncle Phil Involved In A Fatal Car Accident


Adrian Holmes aka the actor who essayed the character of Uncle Phil in the new ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reboot is reported to be involved in a fatal car accident. The horrifying accident caused a man who was lying in the middle of the freeway multiple fatal injuries. Yes, the news is indeed shocking and has become the subject of discussion. Netizens have been talking about the matter and are wondering what even caused the horrific accident that resulted in a person getting severely injured. Besides, people are also showing concern about Adrian Holmes’ health. Let’s find out the details of the matter.

Who Is Adrian Holmes? Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reboot Star Involve In A Fatal Car Accident

Believing the reports from the sources, it is coming forward that Holmes was reportedly travelling southbound on Monday, October 18, 2021. He was on the 110 freeway just North of sunset Boulevard in downtown L.A. Everything was going fine until the actor accidentally hit a man who was lying down in his lane. The accident took place around 7:35 PM. It is also coming forward that Holmes tried to avoid hitting the man but he couldn’t and ended up smashing the said man. However, the identity of the man who was reportedly injured has not come forward yet.

Adrian Holmes Involve In Car Accident

The reports also claim that apart from Adrian Holmes, another person who was driving right behind the actor also hit the lying man and caused him some injuries. After getting in the contact with the said two vehicles, the victim’s body was reportedly pished into the adjacent lane. Well, the dreadful events didn’t just cease here as he was then hit by another car who was coming in his direction. The man has gotten severe injuries and has been reportedly getting treatment in a hospital. For those unaware, 110 happens to be a very busy freeway.

Now, the cops are investigating the entire case and are trying to collect the shreds of evidence through CCTV footage and the witnesses who saw the incident happen. Talking about Adrian Holmes, the Canadian actor is 47-year-old. Born on March 31, 1974, in the United Kingdom, to Beverley Dixon and Ronnie Spooner, he has appeared in plenty of projects in his career. He is best known for his work on the Bravo television series 19-2 and even had won a Canadian Screen Award for it as well in 2017. Besides, he has won several other awards and nominations for his work in other projects as well.


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