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Who Is Anthony Aj Elfalak Three Year Old Missing Boy Found Alive After 3 Days Search


A piece of very happy news has brought a smile again to the faces of many people who went in the shock of losing a three years old boy. Well, the news was started to spread a couple of days that a three years old boys went missing after he was playing with his friends in his locality, the news had put everyone especially the boy’s parents in shock which is just expected human behaviour, but finally, after searching hard for a couple of days positive news has brought the smile back on faces, stick around to read the complete update on the news.

anthony Aj elfalak

Well, the three years old boy named Anthony EJfalak “AJ” was recognized by some of the searching police helicopters on this Monday, drinking water from a stream on his family’s ranch in Rural New South Wales. You must have heard that a boy is missing from Australia’s bush for the last 4 days but now you all can sigh as the boy has been found safe near his family’s property in New South Wales. The boy was last seen at his house on Friday and the scariest thing was, however, the kid is three years old but he is unable to speak a single word as he has autism. As per the reports his family stated that they were scared thinking if their boy is being kidnapped.

As soon as the incident came into view a rescue team started an operation in the search of AJ and after hard searching rescuers found the boy at a riverbank that is just 500m far from his house. The rescue team not only found the boy but record a clip and uploaded on their Twitter where you can hear one of the rescuer saying “I’ve got the boy” so that everyone who was scared and worried about the boy can sigh.

As per the reports when NSW Police Force found AJ they saw him suffered from some scrapes on his lower legs and when they saw him, he was drenched in wet clothes but the good news is they found the boy and that too in a good health. AJ’s father even considered it as a “miracle”. Stay tuned to get more world updates.


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