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Who is Alana McLaughlin Transgender Fighter? Wins Debut MMA Fight Check Wiki Biography Bio Age


The great matter of pride is being reported from the United States where Alana Mclaughlin, the first openly Transgender Athlete waved her victory while winning the MMA debut on Friday night. Alana wins the title after defeating Celine Provost through submission on the Combate Global prelims in Miami. Celine got defeated by her in the miscellaneous martial arts form, and since 2014 she became the first transgender to make the title on her name with full pride. Ever since Alana’s name came as the winner her close ones and well-wishers have no bounds of happiness, so check the further details below.

Alana McLaughlin wiki biography

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Alana McLaughlin created the milestone in the second round which no one expected, and everyone’s eyes were wide open as Alana waved the flag of her victory and made everyone surprised due to her astonishing strategy towards winning. It is being said that, she has finished the second round in under 3 minutes and 32 seconds which was commendable enough. As soon as she touched the goal she drawn the line that can hardly touch by another athlete. All Alana’s well-wishers and friends are congratulating her for this victory, and bless Alana for her bright future.

It is being said that, a former United States special army force member, Alana is the second transgender to compete in MMA, because Fallon Fox was the first. But it is a matter of pride for them, because Alana defeated one of the quite amazing champions and made the title on her name which is counting as the biggest achievement ever. Ever since the news took place on social media along with her photo where refry addressing her as the winner, her all close friends and people are getting happy because their happiness has crossed all limits.

According to the game, in the first round Provost seemed heavy over Alana because she punched her hard during the facing off, and many people had considered her as the winner. But Alana has overturned the entire circumstances at the moment and consequences started favouring her, and this is why the entire game has changed. Because when the second round began she prepared herself and decided to make it on her name at any cost. Therefore, Alana executed her strategy and made the provost stuck in her trap, because of which she overtook the game under her hands, and waved her victory which is amazing.


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