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Who Is Alanna Gabin? What Was Her Cause Of Death? Age Husband And Bio Explored


You all know that Alanna Gabin the popular New York Based producer, Agent, and creative consultant died last year. Today it has been more than a year since she breathed her last and passed away, but her family and friends still miss her every day and every minute of their lives. The news about her unfortunate demise was very shattering and saddening for everyone. Everyone was heartbroken to know that she is no more.

Who Is Alanna Gabin? What Was Her Cause Of Death? Age Husband And Bio Explored

Alanna passed away on 31 January 2021, its more than 1 year but till now also her close ones haven’t recovered from her loss. His family, partner, and friends still pay their hearty tributes to the late Alanna Gabin. They still miss her every single minute of their life and couldn’t bear the pain of losing her. They are heartbroken and still finding ways to recover from the pain of light losing her. The reports claimed that Alanna Gabin was suffering from Covid and she died of covid.

Who Is Alanna Gabin?

Reports further claimed that Alanna was undergoing treatment for Covid but after some time she stopped responding to the treatment and thus on 31 January she passed away. 31 January 2021 was the tragic and most heart-shattering day in her family and friends’ life. She was married to Paulgar Roura, the couple were together for the past 15 years. The couple was deeply in love with each other. His husband even wrote a letter to his late wife. He released a short film after her demise.

The short film garnered a massive amount of appreciation from the public. Her husband gave an interview during the release of his short film that he continued filming the short film even after her demise because her wife would want that. He said that his wife would be pleased to see him continue completing that short film. Alanna Gabin was one of the most popular in the industry. She was massively adored and loved by all the people who knew her. All her friends and family still miss her every day.

Her family and friends are still processing this devastating news of her demise. When the news of her unfortunate demise came out last year, many people from all across flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolence to the late Alanna Gabin. She will always be missed by her family and friends. Although it’s been more than a year of her unfortunate demise, we still pay our hearty tributes and condolences to the late Alanna Gabin. She was a great human, who left so soon. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.


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