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Who Is Alex Maina Ochogo? Suspect In Baby Sagini Case Check Trial Update


Alex Maina, a prime suspect in Baby Sagini’s case is again coming into the limelight after being held in the prison since last December, as he recently complained of lice and bedbugs in the prison which are continuously bothering him and thus, he wants the concerned authorities to take actions against all these. Because surviving each day is like a milestone for him with such insects and they could be proven lethal for him thus, he is requesting the authorities for all these. So below you can explore the further information you need to know.

Alex Maina Ochogo

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Alex Maina was charged in Baby Sagini’s case, and initially, he was remaining a fugitive and in the last December the authorities detained him while sending him behind bars because all evidence were against him and therefore, without any ado, he had punished hard by the law enforcement and thus, he was ordered to remain behind the bars for a very long unless his sentence reached the end and till then no bail or relaxation will be held. Therefore, the authorities considered that may it could be his trap to be unleashed.

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update:

Reportedly, the prime suspect and his abettors were shown in court for a happening in which baby Junior Sagini’s eyes were gouged out. The suspects who are allegedly liable for soaking out infant Sagini’s eyes are being escorted by police. Alex Maina and the other accused arose before “Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno” at the court of Kisii. Therefore, the main accused pleaded with the court to free him so that, he could sleep in Kisii prison’s plagued quarters with bedbugs and lice. The case had again caught the heat and thus, those who did not know anything about the case they are curious to get the details.

As soon as the news began circulating on social networking sites, innumerable reactions started making headlines to the point that practically everyone is criticizing what he did with Sagini. Some people are even claiming that he deserves to be locked up with bedbugs and lice and that it would be better for him if the police let him to deal with the issue by himself so that he would realize the serious consequences that a defaulter faces after engaging in any exploit. We have provided such information here and will update you as soon as something comes out, stay tuned with us and social broadcast


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