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Who Is Amanda Burke? Long Island Hospital Nurse Fired Over ‘Truly Disturbing’ Baby Slam Video


Today we are going to share some heartbreaking news with you. You will have goosebumps after hearing this news. Yes, you can hear right. This news comes from New York City. A NY nurse was arrested by police. She slammed the 2-day-old baby’s face into the bassinet. She has done a very despicable act with a 2-day baby. We know you get shocked after hearing this news. It’s a very bad thing she was done with a 2-day baby. Shame on her for doing this activity with a baby. Do we wish the government to take strict action against her? All you think is why she has done this with the baby. We explain you in detail.

Who Is Amanda Burke?

According to the information, A nurse from Long Island her name was Amanda Burke. On 12th April Wednesday, she was taking care of the 2-day baby. She shattered the newborn baby’s face into the bassinet. The file was charged against Burke by the Suffolk Country District Attorney’s Office. The disordered news is she captured all this on tape. She was doing a very bad activity. She will be a criminal. She murdered the baby. We wish the court can take strict action against her.

Who Is Amanda Burke?

According to the reports, The baby’s father captured this incident on his phone from the nursery window. Parents informed the other Good Samaritan nursing staffers. After that, the district attorney’s office ordered me to leave Burke immediately from the hospital. The district attorney takes action against her for this crime. Baby’s grandmother said,” After watching this video she was asleep for three days. This news is really horrible for infants’ families. She was a very cruel lady. She didn’t feel pity while doing this heinous act with the baby.

According to the Police, The FIR has been registered. Police started their investigation into this case. The file was charged to her under Child Welfare. All the individuals wish for the infant’s family. After hearing this all the people are scared. They demand the government take strict action against criminal. The baby’s parents suffering from a very critical situation right now. They will never forget this incident that happened with their baby. They will never forgive the criminal. She didn’t think once that what would happen to his parents while doing this horrible thing with the baby. We feel very bad for the infant’s family. We also wish their family to stay blessed by god. We can share all the information with you about this news. Follow for more updates


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