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Who Is Ana Walshe? Missing Cohasset Mother-Of-Three Was Last Seen On New Year’s Day


There is news coming forward related to Ana Walshe who was missing since New Year’s Day. His family and friends shared many posts and messages for searching of her. She works as a commercial executive of real state in Washington, DC. She was last seen at her home just after midnight on Sunday in Cohasset. Her vanishing reports are spreading and running on over the internet where so many people asking many questions related to this incident, So here in this article, we are going to share some more information about how this all occurred or what happened to her.

Who Is Ana Walshe Missing Cohasset Mother-Of-Three Was Last Seen On New Year's Day

Who Is Ana Walshe?

As per reports, She was 39 years old and spent his last with her husband and three children at their Cohasset. She was lastly reported when she was scheduled to leave for Logan Airport at 4:30 am to travel to her second home which is situated in the northwest area of Washington, DC on Sunday 1 January 2023. She resides in Cohasset with her family but she spends her workweeks in the capital of the nation. He husband is caring for their three small children and he was unable to make communication with WBZ but his family members and friends are anxious for her safe return.

Police are continuing their investigation and searching for her where they also mention some personal details of her such as:-

  • Walshe stands 5’2″ tall and weighs 115 pounds.
  • She has olive skin, brown eyes, and brown hair.
  • Her speech has an accent from Eastern Europe.

Mother-Of-Three Was Last Seen On New Year’s Day

Police are requested for public assistance and the investigation is ongoing. Now the police detective named Harrison Schmidt is requesting individuals that if someone has any information about her then help them. There are many cases are coming out that state many reasons for the disappearance of people and most of the time this is not counted in as criminal activity. Although, It is also not difficult to verify instances where this type of incident seems.

Her friend from Washington DC, Alissa Kirby said that they will do anything and everything to find her. There are also lots of people who share their thoughts with her family and friends at this painful moment by posting and commenting on social media pages. Police continue searching for her and his family and friends are also supporting them in this search. Stay connected with our website to read more articles related to these kinds of news topics and the latest news of the daily working world.


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