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Who is Andrew Cross? Firing a Gun at Drake’s Party Check Video What Happened To Him After


Drake is one of the most successful and dazzling stars of the music industry. He has gained a colossal fan base globally. He has gained that much fame that even his acquaintance get famous after just spending a few minutes at his party, but when there is fame there are controversies. Most lately, the news is getting viral that Andrew Cross has been arrested at Drake’s party. He is charged with firing a gun at Drake’s party. According to the latest reports, Andre Cross was alleged and arrested for firing in Drake’s party on one of his songs.

Andrew Cross Drake's Party

On behalf of the latest reports, a guy named Andrew Cross assumed of 38 years old arrested by the Police officials after firing with a gun in Drake’s gathering. The party was going on at the Rosewood London Hotel the previous weekend. In the late-night Party, the Police had arrived at around 3:56 hours when an anonymous complaint about the firing thing was being done by Andrew Cross. The firing took place near Central London hotel, when Drake arrived at the party, fortunately, there were no consequences that took place because of the firing.

The Police officials of Camden Town passed this information through the official Twitter account. The tweet reads the hearing of Cross at Highbury Corner Magistrate. The tweet also informed that the accused belong from Greenwich and was present in front of a magistrate on 14th September 2021 against the firing that happened on 11 September 2021, Saturday. There are several rumours that are getting viral about Andrew Cross over social media. Almost all the people present at the party and Drake fans are keen to know about the Andrew Cross.

Well, as per the reports, some people are claiming that Andrew Cross is believed to be the same person who was accused of possessing illegal firearms and arrested 10 years ago. It is being assumed that back in 2011 28 years old was sentenced to jail for 11.5 years when he was found guilty for possessing a restricted firearm. People are trying to connect the link between these two cases and assuming that the same man is involved in both cases. There is no official confirmation that has been made by the Police officials so far. So it might hear of the grapevine, but we will get back to you soon with the complete details as soon as it gets confirmed by any of our trusted sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.



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