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Who Is Andy Jassy Amazon’s New CEO As Jeff Bezos Steps Down? Bio Net Worth Age Salary Instagram


Hello, all the peers recently the giant tech company is going for a big change. According to the latest reports, Andy Jassy is going to take over Jeff Bezos and all set to grab the thrones of a CEO. Well, Andy was working as the chief of Amazon Web Services and now going to take over the global personality and the previous CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. The giant tech company along with the entire world is looking forward to a big change. Andy Jassy recently shared that he has all the qualities like Jeff Bezos.

Who Is Andy Jassy Amazon's New CEO As Jeff Bezos Steps Down? Check Bio Net Worth Age Salary Instagram

Besides, Andy Jassy enlisted in the list of Amazon employees back in 1997. According to Jassy colleagues and co-workers like an individual with whom you can’t easily connect reported by Bloomberg. Along with that Jassy has a competitive nature like the previous CEO Jeff Bezos. He is also blessed with the same wisdom and mindset. He is considered as the one who can hustle and will provide complete priority to the customers even before the employees, it is also shared by one of the reports published by Bloomberg.

It is said that Jassy used to work along with Bezos to adopts the ways of the company. He learns all the code, conducts, policies, and other crucial things of the company. On behalf of the interaction along with Andy’s colleagues and subordinates that Andy mostly addresses weak points of the project on which the presenter didn’t manage to ponder through. Although, the co-workers also tells that he never go personally while finding loopholes in the projects. But in some of the reports, it is being said that Jassy is crying for the moon.

Furthermore, Jassy had been worked for a total of 5 years after finishing his graduation and before entering an MBA. He worked for a company MBI. As we mentioned above he joined Amazon in 1997 as marketing manager. In 2003 he worked along with Bezos in creating a cloud computing well known as Amazon Web Services. Jassy is the backbone of AWS, later launched in 2006. In March 2016, he was announced as Person of the year by the Financial Times. Until last year he served as CEO of AWS. In the ongoing year, Andy succeeds Jeff Bezos as the CEO of Amazon. It announced in February 2021 to be implemented on 5 July 2021. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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