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Who Is Anthony Lowe? Double Amputee Shot Dead By Cops New Video Released


There is a video coming forward that was released on Monday 6 February 2023 and this video was shared by the Authorities. Anthony Lowe, a 36-year-old who was a double amputee was shot dead by the cops and now a new video is launched by the Authorities with fresh audio and video footage. His family shared that the police planned to sue the city for the wrongful death and did this by violating civil rights. This news is now gathering too much attention on the internet and many netizens raising lots of questions about this incident, so here we shared all the information related to this death incident in this article.

Who Is Anthony Lowe Double Amputee Shot Dead By Cops New Video Released

This video shows the fatal gunfight between a double amputee and Huntington Park Police this incident was done last month on 26 January 2023. Lowe stabbed another near the Shell gas station, in Los Angles and was later fatally shot by the cops. Police shot him when he refused to drop a butcher’s knife and it is coming forward that police shots him 11 times while he was hobbling away. After the fatal gunshot incident, all officers who were responsible for his death were sent on leave as can we say on holiday.

Who Is Anthony Lowe?

If we talk about the video so then in this video we can see Lowe jumping out of his wheelchair near a gas station and stabbing a man in the torso. The person who killed him was strolling in his front and this stabbing incident took place in Huntington Park. When the victim falls on the busy road after killing her and at immediately police were called to the incident scene. The size of a butcher knife is around 12-inch and this is shared by police. The victim who was allegedly stabbed was critically injured in this incident but he is under treatment and recovering.

He is a black man and he was killed when he refused to put down his weapon. He was suffering from a mental health crisis and the police shared that he didn’t constitute a threat to the police which results in a fatal gunshot. There are many people who share their responses on this video and the reason why he was stabbed is still unknown but the investigation is ongoing and everything will be clear after the complete investigation. His family, friends, and loved ones express their sorrows for his loss and his family stated that his mental health is not fine. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest and other news topics.


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