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Anup Chandra Pandey, a retired IAS officer of the 1984 batch has been appointed as the election commissioner of India this Wednesday. It was informed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) that Mr Pandey will take responsibility for the aforementioned position. The officer will be joining the other two members of the election commission Rajiv Kumar and Sushil Chandra and will complete the three-member commission. Before his appointment, Sunil Arora was in that position. After Sunil Arora’s retirement that took place on April 12, the recruiter of the left vacancy began and on June 9, Anup Chandra got appointed.

Anup Chandra Pandey IAS

After the Btech and MBA degree holder Anup Chandra’s appointment, the election commission of India has completed as it consists of three members. The team will take the charges of the upcoming elections taking place in states such as Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Uttrakhand, and Punjab. These said elections will occur in 2022 and will be overseen by this set of election commissioners. Anup Kumar Chandra was serving as an IAS officer in the Uttar Pradesh cadre, 1984 batch and got his retirement in August 2019. Later, he also served as the chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh. He was appointed by Ram Nath Kovind who was serving as the president at that time.

His Chief Secretary serving period began from 30th June in 2018 to next year on 31st August. Other than that, Mr Pandey also served as Indrastrucye and Industrial Development Commissioner of UP which began from September 9 in 2017 to August 31 in 2019. On the said post, he was appointed by Yogi Adityanth who is presently the Chief Misinter of Uttar Pradesh. Besides, he is associated with several other positions as well. Mr Anup has been the chairperson of Udyog Bandhu which was a set-up to provide help to the entrepreneurs seeking to invest in UP.

The chief minister of the state holds the power to lead this setup. Under the 62-years-old guidance as to the Chief Secretary, the state has successfully managed to organize the biggest Kumbh Mela where lakhs of people appear. It was organized at Pragyarj at Varanasi Divas in 2019. Anup Kumar Chandra has had a successful career in all of his positions. Now, the Chief Election Commission of India has appointed the retired IAS officer as the election commissioner. The officer will soon handle the position with all its associated responsibilities and duties and will join the other two members in the panel.


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