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Who Is Ashton Torgerson? Why Teen Racer Ejected from Vehicle? What Happened To Him?


Teen racer Ashton Torgerson is trending after he met with a horrific accident on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. It happened at the Chili Bowl Nationals where his car hit a wall and as a result, it flipped several times. Taking the matter into consideration, the teen racer was immediately ejected from his vehicle. Following the spread of the news, social media has gotten flooded with concerning messages and posts as everyone wants to know if Ashton is okay or not. Let us find out about the same in the article below.

Ashton Torgerson

Torgerson, who started outside the first row in the A-Main Feature of the Chili Bowl Nationals, was running outside the top five when he struck Kevin Thomas Jr., sending Thomas Jr. into the outside wall and causing his car to spin on the backstretch. Then, as the automobile flipped over at high speed, he was ejected from it, sending the driver flying into the ground. At the time of the incident, Torgerson was in eighth position.

Before being sent to a Tulsa hospital, Torgerson, a resident of Medford, Oregon, was alert and interacting with track authorities, according to a Chile Bowl Nationals official tweet. The US Sun was informed by the rally driver’s family that Torgerson is awaiting the results of a CT scan. “He inquired in the beginning. According to the most recent information, Torgerson was awake and alert, and he responded to touch. At the hospital, Ashton is awake and conscious. He can feel his hands and feet, and he has so far passed all of his examinations.

The Torgerson Racing family was described by Peterson media in a tweet as saying, “He’s now heading through scans. The juvenile racer has received numerous prayers and good wishes from people in the racing world and across the internet. Ashton Torgerson being awake and attentive makes me happy. The incident that occurred tonight at a motorsports event was perhaps one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed. Crazy,” tweeted Toby Christie of the weekly podcast “The Final Lap.”

Upon hearing the excellent news from Ashton Torgerson’s camp following his extremely tense Chili performance.¬†As vividly as if it were yesterday, that crash still plays back in Patrick Stephan’s head. The 16-year-old Oregon racer received well wishes from fellow race car driver Rico Abreu, who claimed his eighth Chili Bowl Prelim victory. “Emotional rollercoaster. I want to start by offering Ashton Torgerson my thoughts and prayers. Rico tweeted, “We’re one large family and we wish you a quick recovery. Follow for more updates.


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