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Who Is Ayesha Akram Female Pakistani TikToker Assaulted in Iqbal Park Area Name Instagram Video


Another tragedic event took place in Pakistan wherein a female TikToker had been assaulted by the crowd back on 14th August. The country celebrated its Independence Day on a particular date but this heinous act questioned the freedom of women in the country. Well, according to the latest reports, an FIR has filed at Lahore Police station for mob lynching a Tik Toker and her associates. According to the FIR report, in a sort of atmosphere where everyone was enjoying the Independence Day celebrations, several people attacked a woman TikToker and her accomplices.

Ayesha Akram

As far as we concern more about the FIR, there were around 300-400 people assaulted the girl and her companions. The girl further reported that they bend over backwards in order to escape from the crowd but it didn’t help us out. The prime victim of this assault Ayesha said the security guards deployed at the park for security also tried to help them and open the gate of venue Minar-e-Pakistan but still in vain. The crowd is huge in number barricaded the gates and come to them to assault. The crowd even tore the clothes of the girl and threw them in the air.

Along with tearing the clothes, the mob also looted the ornaments of the girl and her associates including her rings and her ear hoop. They snatched their mobile phones. The mob attacked them brutally and left them at one’s wit’s end. Somehow the group of the Tik Tokers handles themselves and reached the Lahore Police station to register FIR against the crowd. On behalf of the reports, several allegations have been charged against the crowd including under PPC(Pakistan Penal Code) Sections 354 A for assaulting and ripping clothes of a woman, 382 threat to death and robbing.

Furthermore, there are a number of videos getting viral on Social Media wherein the abhorrent act of the crowd is completely visible. All the people across the country, the incident is criticizing globally either. This again puts a stigma on the country for women safety. The citizens are ashamed of such incidents taking place in broad daylight and at that much-reputed place of the country. We also criticize such kinds of acts and people doing all this with the daughters and sisters of the country. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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