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Who Is Azuradee France? Detroit Mom Charged With Murder After Toddler Found Dead In Freezer


A woman from the US state of Michigan has been charged with the murder of her toddler baby. The latest report has come from Detroit city in the US state of Michigan, where a woman named Azuradee France, has been charged with killing her toddler baby after her baby’s dead body was found dead in a fridge in her basement. Azuradee France is 31 years old currently. The news about charges on Azuradee France was announced by the Detroit Police department on Sunday. The reports from the Detroit Police department stated that she has been convicted of this felony on Friday.

Who Is Azuradee France Detroit Mom Charged With Murder After Toddler Found Dead In Freezer

The dead baby boy of her has been identified as Chase Allen. Chase was just a toddler of 3 years. The police officials of the Detroit police department stated that they received a call on Friday around 12:45 pm to check on the baby’s wellness and well-being, and thus the police went to the residence to look for the baby. The officials further stated that while searching in the house, they found the deceased body of baby Chase Allen in the freezer of a refrigerator in the basement of that residence.

What Did Azuradee France Do?

In the medical examination of the baby’s deceased body, it has been confirmed that the toddler baby was the victim of homicide. The prosecutor has further claimed that the case is currently being investigated and, right now they cannot provide much information regarding this homicide as it is being investigated. The officials have assured us that they will soon release all the details about the case as they get final reports from the investigation.

The officers are investigating all the angles of this case and also questioning the mother of deceased baby Chase Allen, Azuradee France. Police officials also stated that Azuradee France, the accused mother of the baby Chase was acting weirdly when police arrived at her residence and also during her interrogation. Baby Chase’s grandmother also revealed a shocking thing that, in one of her visits to the baby she saw that baby has burnt his hand after touching hot noodles.

The case shocked and pained everyone. The case is being investigated and soon the reports will be released by the police officials. We will update you with all the latest developments in this case. A GoFundMe page has been set up, for arranging funds for the funeral of deceased baby Chase Allen. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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